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Olive Nutritious Facts and Usage

What is Kalamata Olive Paste? Is it good for you?

Paste is a popular food around the world and appears in many appetizing dishes. Most kinds of paste are meat and animals’ organs, but Kalamata Olive Paste is made from Greek olives.  So, is Kalamata Olive Paste as tasty as other varieties? And how does it benefit your body? This article will help you understand […]

What Is The Difference Between Black And Green Olives?  

There are many types of olives on the market, but green and black olives are the most typical. You might be confused about the difference between these two. If you are in that situation, keep reading this article and we will help you differentiate them.   1. Harvesting and preservation  The main difference between green […]

Greek Thyme: Cooking and Medicinal Infomation

Thyme is one of the most important herbs commonly used in Greece. Thyme has also been used for medicinal purposes. Here are some benefits of using Greek Thyme.   1. Using Thyme to Lower Blood Pressure Diet plays a significant role in controlling high blood pressure. According to studies, using thyme can help control high […]

The Benefits of Eating Olives

Olives are a fruit that grows in the Mediterranean Region. Olives are uniquely flavorful, with a sharp, salty taste. They are not only flavorful, but also surprisingly nutritious. It is undeniable that eating olives could benefit your health.  1. Olives Nutrition Facts (per 100 grams of ripe, canned olives) Calories: 115 Fiber: 3.2 grams Protein: […]