Hanoli olive oil: Extra Virgin & Cooking Oil

Hanoli olive oil

Both Hanoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Hanoli Cooking Oil are made from extra virgin olive oil. But what are the differences between them? And how to use them correctly? Let Hanoli help you know more about these products.

1. Hanoli – Olympias Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the least processed olive oil, so it is not affected by heat and chemical substances. Due to that, it can retain all-important vitamins and nutrition. The smoke point of extra virgin olive oil is between 190 – 207°C. Therefore, it is suitable for sauces, salad dressing, marination, or cooking with temperature under the smoke point. 

Hanoli – Olympias Extra Virgin Olive Oil is wholly imported from Messina, Greece – the top olive region in the world. Thanks to that, our products have the “original” taste of ancient Greece and outstanding quality. Besides, Greece is one of the top 3 countries producing olive oil around the world.

2. Hanoli Cooking Oil

Hanoli Cooking Oil contains 75% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 25% Sunflower oil. This combination makes the smoke point of Hanoli Cooking Oil higher and still keeps all health benefits of normal ones.

Using Hanoli Cooking Oil helps you clean your kitchen easier. When cooking, a layer is created on the surface of food, so the oil can’t be absorbed and make your food greasy. Moreover, when frying for a long time, the oil is not burnt and is still clear. Hanoli Cooking Oil is cold-pressed oil and completely pure. It doesn’t turn brown or have any terrible smell when cooking and can be used 2, 3 times without leading to cancer risk. 

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