What is Kalamata Olive Paste? Is it good for you?

What is Kalamata Olive Paste? Is it good for you?

Paste is a popular food around the world and appears in many appetizing dishes. Most kinds of paste are meat and animals’ organs, but Kalamata Olive Paste is made from Greek olives. 

So, is this as tasty as other varieties? And how does it benefit your body? This article will help you understand Kalamata Olive Paste. 

What is Olive Paste? 

Olive paste (or Tapenade) is a spread, condiment made from finely chopped olives, anchovies, capers and olive oil. Some people like to add flavor to the sauces with garlic, lemon juice, and other ingredients. 

Olive paste is mostly used with bread and cold cuts. But it can be the sauce for many other foods. It is often served with pork chops, chicken dishes and steak cuts. It also goes well with seafood like shrimp, mussels and scampi. Another good use of this sauce is to add it as a topping on pastas and pizza.

This paste made from olive is one of the healthiest sauces that can replace ketchup, mustard and other processed condiments. With olives as the main ingredient, olive paste contains a substantial amount of nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, beneficial fatty acids, etc., which help protect against many diseases.

What is Kalamata Olive Paste? 

Kalamata Olive Paste is made from Kalamata Olive – one of the best-known olives. They are almond-shaped, plump, dark purple olives. They have much larger leaves than other kinds of olive and absorb more sunshine. 

Playing an important part in human diet for thousands of years, Kalamata Olive is not only flavorful but also contains many nutrients as it is rich in healthy fat and antioxidants. 

What is benefits?

As a versatile condiment, Kalamata Olive Paste can go well with many dishes. The rich, earthy, tangy flavor of the paste easily makes your bread, pasta, or protein dishes more scrumptious. 

Besides, Kalamata Olive Paste maintains the nutritional benefits of the valuable Kalamata olives, which help protect your body from such diseases as heart diseases, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, chronic inflammation, etc. 

These are the characteristics of Kalamata Olive Paste. With all the health benefits and good taste, adding this paste to your diet is really worth considering. 

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