What Is The Difference Between Black And Green Olives?  

There are many types of olives on the market, but green and black olives are the most typical. You might be confused about the difference between these two. If you are in that situation, keep reading this article and we will help you differentiate them.


1. Harvesting and preservation 

The main difference between green and black olives is how they are picked and preserved during harvest season. Green olives are harvested from the tree before they have a chance to ripen and are then brined in a lye solution which is what makes them edible. Due to being harvested prior to being ripe, green olives have a concentrated bitter taste and feel a lot denser to eat. They also tend to be a lot moisture because the marinating process of the lye solution leaves a lot of oil within them. 


2. How do they taste? 

Both types of olive have tasty flavors. However, Black olives have a fleshy and slightly fruity taste. Green olives are denser, firmer, and more bitter than black ones. Most people prefer the taste of black over green olives.


3. Which one is better?

When it comes to the nutritional quality of these types, there are no major differences. Both olives will contain healthy fats and minerals like iron and both are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. They are rich in good monounsaturated fats, polyphenols, flavonoids, and have anti-inflammatory benefits. 

However, the only difference may be in the sodium content after processing, which can be as high as twice the amount of sodium found in black olives. They might not be a very healthy choice for some with high blood pressure or cholesterol problems.


In conclusion, both types of olives have no major differences and they are undoubtedly nutritious for your health. But you should be careful when buying any kinds of olives since there are many unqualified olives suppliers out there. Hanoli products are directly imported from Greece and we have more than 5000 distributors all over Vietnam. So, you could consider choosing us when buying olives, extra virgin olives oil, and herbs.


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